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Foam Packaging


Automatically expanded to full of whole package. 360 degrees no dead corner, Give your products a perfect protection.

The traditional ceramic packaging is generally used white foam, the protection of the white foam is poor, and the goods will be damage during transportation. As a result, many courier companies are afraid to collect porcelain, handicrafts, precision instruments and other irregular fragile objects.

MINI FOAM system is an effective solution of this problem. The foaming machine is working with foam liquid, the foam liquid is the exclusive formula, consistency is very small, is conducive to fully mixed liquid foam, and can be stored for a long time. It will be automatically expanded to full of whole package. You can adjust the temperature and liquid flow. The injection is accurate, can save raw materials. 360 degrees no dead corner, protection is perfect.

Structure and Functions


①    Control cabinet            
②    Power switch
③    Electric infusion pump            
④    Workbench
⑤    Foaming and mixing nozzle
⑥    Nozzle soaking unit
⑦    Liquid hose
⑧    Tension balancer
⑨    Liquid hose bracket

MINI FOAM foaming machine is a stable smart product adopting automatic design, singlechip control-program and digital LCD. Apart from these:

● It adopts electric gear pump to ensure a constant discharging pressure, by which the material mix is more well-proportioned and the foam quality is better;

● It consists of heating part, temperature detector, discharging part, display, controlling modulation, pressure sensor and other parts;

● The wall-mounted control cabinet is easy to be installed. Heating wire is equipped in the liquid hose and the  inside coating is in a helical structure;

● It adopts self-checking computer system to detect malfunction so as to ensure safe and reliable work;

● It can perform timed foaming liquid mix and there are several modes. You can preset the foam molding volumes for different products.

● It required no auxiliary power but 220V stabilized power supply.

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