Only 2.5kgs, Though small, perfectly formed.


      High inflatable efficiency.

      1. Speed max25m/min

      2. Machine only 10kgs

      3. Easy maintenance, no belt needed

      4. Adjustable temperature

      5. Well sealed without air leaking

      6. Strictly quality control for your guarante


      Makes both air pillow and air bubbles.

    • Filler™-Air Pillow

      Costing saver & stock saving

      Logo print available on film,build up your own logo.

    • Wrapper™-Air Bubble

      Low Cost & Easy to packaging

      Logo print available on film,build up your own logo.

    • Air Column Bag

      Lightweight: 99% air, 1% plastic

      Higher protection: load pressure over 120 kgs  

      Lower storage: Uninflate film can save 99% storage

      Higher performent: Air column bag can be designed on-demand  

    • Film Delivery System

      Removable film overhead delivery system-The primary solution for high efficiency and timely packaging

    • Winder System

      Rolling system allows the automatic winding of the inflated film.

    • Foot Pedal

      Hands free, foot pedal controls air cushion machine.

    • Film Sensor

      Film sensor automatically monitors the film inflation conditions allowing
      automatic suspension management.

    • Ground Film Feeder

      Movable Ground Film Feeder System supply air pillows quickly and easily, wherever you need them

    • Compact Film Feeder

      It is A movable air pillows supply station, wherever you need them

    • Suspension Packing And Retention Packing

      Brand: MagiWrap

      Material:Paper board + TPU film

      Size:can be customized

About Us


Xiamen Ameson New Material Inc.  established on 2006, we are professional in air cushion packaging, all products with our own patent and manufactured in our factory, for a better quality control and cost saving. 

We design, produce air cushion machine and consumable materials, also   provide packaging solution.

The earliest company engaged on air cushion packaging in China,   have professional RD team and patent right.

Have distributors in many countries with perfect agency sale   network.

》Developed air cushion brand MINI AIR

No matter what you need to protect with, we can take care it!



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